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Micros2Techsoft Patches -

Cumulative Security Updates for Windows Applications


Our $895 Annual Computer Support Plan keeps your equipment in top shape, much like an exercise routine or an automobile maintenance schedule. We can customize our Support Plan to meet your specific needs.


FREE Vulnerability Audit

A vulnerability assessment tool that can identify security weaknesses, with a report listing  the number of high and medium risks to your computer.



Website security


No-nonsense Services

  • Hardware setup and configurations
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Free technical advice
  • Internet and E-mail setup and assistance
  • Networking and wireless setup
  • Computer cleaning and maintenance
  • Software setup, installation and support
  • Virus, Worm and Spy ware removal
  • Verify and update drivers for hardware and software
  • Virus Detection and Prevention
  • Cyber Security Alerts
  • Clean computer system inside out
  • Remove useless files and optimize hard drive
  • Check security configurations and other issues
  • Check system's performance
  • Setup default operating system tools





Windows Office and Server Certified

The Technology Service Market Place, Tech ID 9426


A+ and Network Certified

Certified Information System Security Professional
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