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We supply solutions to any Information Technology (IT) issue, such as speeding up a slow computer; removing a virus; updating, installing, or uninstalling software and security patches; troubleshooting Wi-Fi and network connection; installing or uninstalling computer parts; connecting smart devices to the internet, and so much more:


  •  IT Implementation             

  • Technology Assessments            

  • IT Budget/Asset Planning

  • Technology Strategy

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Risk Management

Collaborating at Work

Services _

IT Implementation _


Installing and testing your new platforms can cause nightmares for even the most seasoned IT professional. Computer Consultants Agency thoroughly tests and re-tests all devices and software prior to your switch-over date.

Technology Assessments  _

The quality, performance, and security of your network can be vastly improved with our technology audits. Working together with your in-house teams, we analyze your IT infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities. Then we set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements.

IT Budget/Asset Planning _

Project managers at Computer Consultants Agency can help you acquire the technology you require to reach your business objectives within a budget that works for you.

Technology Strategy _

Our team of technicians understands every aspect of technology — from planning to project management, installation, testing, training, and implementation.

Vulnerability Assessments _

Every Information Technology system is vulnerable to attacks. Our vulnerability assessment identifies vulnerabilities in your systems and recommends security policies and controls to protect against threats to your systems.

Risk Management _

We help companies select cost-effective safeguards that will reduce risks to an acceptable level. When evaluating an organization's IT assets we consider how vulnerable is the assets and what is the cost of protecting these assets.

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